Résumé : Seismocardiography (SCG), a method for measuring heart-induced chest vibrations, is gaining attention as a non-invasive, accessible, and cost-effective approach for cardiac pathologies, diagnosis, and monitoring. This study explores the integration of SCG acquired through smartphone technology by assessing the accuracy of metrics derived from smartphone recordings and their consistency when performed by patients. Therefore, we assessed smartphone-derived SCG’s reliability in computing median kinetic energy parameters per record in 220 patients with various cardiovascular conditions. The study involved three key procedures: (1) simultaneous measurements of a validated hardware device and a commercial smartphone; (2) consecutive smartphone recordings performed by both clinicians and patients; (3) patients’ self-conducted home recordings over three months. Our findings indicate a moderate-to-high reliability of smartphone-acquired SCG metrics compared to those obtained from a validated device, with intraclass correlation (ICC) > 0.77. The reliability of patient-acquired SCG metrics was high (ICC > 0.83). Within the cohort, 138 patients had smartphones that met the compatibility criteria for the study, with an observed at-home compliance rate of 41.4%. This research validates the potential of smartphone-derived SCG acquisition in providing repeatable SCG metrics in telemedicine, thus laying a foundation for future studies to enhance the precision of at-home cardiac data acquisition.