Résumé : In most Western societies, parents’ gender roles and values have shifted significantly over the past decades. However, it is not yet clear whether parents’ gender-related values impact both their own and their partners’ coparenting and parenting practices. This study examined the relations between parents’ gender equality values, their coparenting, and parental warmth and hostility. Drawing 6745 families from an ongoing Australian panel study, we used actor-partner interdependence modeling to estimate the associations between mothers’ and fathers’ equality values and their (co)parenting. Results revealed a significant positive partner effect of mothers’ gender equality values on fathers’ warmth and coparenting, but no significant actor effects for mothers’ or fathers’ values. We also found that mothers’ work status moderated the relationship between parents’ values and coparenting. In conclusion, these findings suggest that it is important to consider mothers’ gender values and its transactional influence on fathers’ involvement for understanding contemporary parenting.