par Massar, Serge ;Devaux, Fabrice;Lantz, Éric
Référence Physical Review A, 108, 013705
Publication Publié, 2023-07
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Experimental demonstrations of entangled quantum images produced through parametric down conversion have so far been confined to studying two-photon correlations. Here we show that multiphoton correlations between quantum images are accessible experimentally and exhibit many new features including being sensitive to the phase of the biphoton wave function. As a concrete example, we consider a modification of existing quantum imaging experiments in which the charge-coupled device cameras are moved out of focus, provide detailed analytical predictions for the resulting four-photon interferences, and support these by numerical simulations. The proposed experiment can also be interpreted as entanglement swapping: Bob's photons are initially unentangled, but the joint detection of Alice's photons projects Bob's photons onto an entangled state. The general approach proposed here can be extended to other quantum optics experiments involving high-dimensional entanglement.