par Leroy, Anthony
Référence Innovative Library In Digital Era (ILIDE) (5-7 sept. 2022: Jasna, Slovakia)
Publication Non publié, 2022-09-06
Communication à un colloque
Résumé : In our digital era, the production of information grows at an unprecedented rate.The preservation of academic and scientific heritage is the responsibility of university libraries. Digital objects of scientific interest that need to be shared and preserved are typically stored in our institutional repositories (theses, scientific publications and research data).Multiple dangers put those objects at risk over the long term. The main risks are generally thought to be hardware failure, obsolescence or natural disasters. However, in practice, data loss is mainly caused by human errors, external or internal computer attacks, financial or organizational problems. To mitigate these risks, the commonsense solution consists in making multiple copies and spread these copies around the world in locations that are considered safe from natural hazards.In this talk, after briefly will discussing the general issues related to digital preservation, we will focus on how an organization can build a robust distributed preservation network and community around the LOCKSS technology.