Résumé : The quality of the potato has been found to vary, when grown under different agricultural and environmental conditions, such as the level of fertilization. Consequently these factors may influence the acrylamide formation during the preparation of French fries. These assumptions were studied on three varieties: Bintje, Ramos, and Saturna from the harvest of 2003. Decreasing N fertilization caused increases in the reducing sugar concentration from 60% up to 100% on DM for all varieties studied. Due to a high correlation between the reducing sugar content and the generation of acrylamide during frying, this resulted in a parallel increase in the acrylamide concentration of the French fries. Thus by lowering the amount of N fertilizer, an increase of 30-65% of the acrylamide generation during frying could be observed. It seems of extreme importance to find an appropriate balance between the level of N fertilizer in order to diminish acrylamide formation but on the other hand to obtain an acceptable tuber and to consider the environmental impact. All results reported should be seen in the perspective of the warm growing season of 2003.