Résumé : This study examines the effects of cyber- and traditional workplace bullying,organizational justice, and social support on psychological distress.Using a cross-sectional design, we submitted an on-line questionnaire to 179French civil servants. Based on Hayes and Preacher’s (2014) method, theresults indicated that organizational justice as a whole and, specifically,interpersonal justice, were a partial mediator in the relationship betweentraditional bullying and psychological distress. Supervisor support was apartial mediator in the relationship between traditional bullying and psychologicaldistress, and, a complete mediator within the relationship between cyberbullyingand psychological stress. The inclusion of organizational justice asa mediator provided an interesting route, suggesting that it is essential to prevent the harmful consequences of bullying. Communication, respectful relationships,and above all support from supervisors are essential solutions fordecreasing psychological distress at work.