Résumé : Generic frequencies are used for Grid-related Loss of Offsite Power (GR-LOOP) in the Probabilistic Safety Analysis (PSA) of Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs). When historical databases are used, the influence of variation in the grid conditions over time and the impact of the NPP location are not considered in the estimation of GR-LOOP frequency. Therefore, relying purely on historical data induces uncertainty in total Core Damage Frequency (CDF). This paper aims at assessing the influence of the dynamic load behavior on the GR-LOOP frequency, for different locations. For that purpose, sensitivity cases are defined. The occurrence frequency of GR-LOOP following the occurrence of a three-phase-short-circuit fault on a transmission line is evaluated via a probabilistic-deterministic methodology for all cases. The minimum and maximum estimated values of the GR-LOOP frequency, 2.98E-04/year and 9.95E-03/year respectively, indicate the dependence on the variation in either the dynamic load behaviors or the NPP locations. The results reveal that GR-LOOP frequency varies with load model in the initial grid. In the presented probabilistic-deterministic methodology it is beneficial to consider the influence of timely changes of the grid conditions on the GR-LOOP occurrence frequency for different NPPs’ locations, especially where relevant or sufficient generic databases are not available.