Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Combretum glutinosum is widely used in Guinean traditional medicine in the treatment of various diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Aiming to find out the potential of C. glutinosumantidiabetic and cytotoxicity, the extracts were tested on the Han Wistar rat and the cytotoxicity on cancerous cell lines. Polar extracts of C. glutinosum normalized the glycaemia level 2H after intra peritoneal glucose injection in rat. Apolar extract of C. glutinosum was cytotoxic against cancer cell lines [IC50≤ 10μg/ml]. No cytotoxic effet was reported with semi polar and polar extracts. Bioguided fractionation of SbDF conducted to isolation the compounds 5 hydroxy-7-4’-dimethoxy flavone, lupenone and lupeol. Data in the literature confirms the anticancer and antidiabetic activity of these compounds. Based on our results,C. glutinosumcould be therefore investigated for new antidiabetic or anticancer drug.