par Arif, Elmostafa;Boets, Patrick;Van Biesen, Leo
Référence Conference proceedings - IEEE Instrumentation/Measurement Technology Conference, 1, page (754-758), 604054
Publication Publié, 1997
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : A new estimator for the identification of transmission lines based on the skin-effect equivalent circuit consisting of resistors and inductors is proposed and is named Log2ELiS (Logarithmic-Squared-ELiS). A software package that calculates the parametric maximum likelihood estimate of transfer functions, Le. ELiS (Estimation of Linear Systems); already exists. ELiS allows accurate modelling of lumped linear systems from noisy observations and permits the estimation of the delay and the system parameters. Due to the delay, the cost function using EliS has a lot of local minima and one needs always good parameter starting values to obtain the global minimum. Both ELiS and Log2ELiS were applied to a practical measurement problem such as the identification of a transfer function with time delay. The simulation as well as measurement results have proven that Log2ELiS is better estimator to characterise transmission lines.