par Bertolino, Andrea ;Frassoldati, Alessio;Parente, Alessandro
Référence (9-11/09/2019: Ravenna), 42th Meeting of the Italian Section of the Combustion Institute
Publication Publié, 2019-09-09
Publication dans des actes
Résumé : In this work, the H2/CO core of the widely used Aramco 2.0 mechanism wasoptimized for improve performances in diluted conditions. The resulting modelshowed accurate agreement with a wide set of experimental data regarding hydrogen,carbon monoxide and syngas ignition delay time in RCM and ST. Comparison withthe nominal mechanism and another optimized mechanism for the same fuels isgiven. The uncertain variables selection was performed using a two-step sensitivityanalysis which links all the mechanism parameters of the most impactful reactionsdirectly with the quantity of interest (QoI). This methodology coupled with anEvolutionary algorithm for global optima searching was found to be particularlyeffective. Finally, the impact of the core optimization on the ignition delay time oflow alkanes and alkenes was tested, showing promising results and room for futurework.