par Melani, Sonia
Référence Bitacora. Revista de Arquitectura, 41, page (065-075)
Publication Publié, 2019-09-22
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : During the early 1970s, photographer Luigi Ghirri collaborated with a group of Modena's conceptual artists in the research for the way the national territory was represented in amatorial photography (the stereotypical representation of the national landscape). Ghirri, because of this conceptual research that ended up lasting throughout the length of his career, was able to build a lexicon of the icons, images, and elements populating the visual tradition of Italian’s contemporary culture. Thus, he investigated, by the mean of his photography, the process of seeing through the evocation of icons of collective memory and the genius loci of architectonic places, later cooperating with architect Aldo Rossi also invested in a similar research. This essay explores Ghirri’s use of landscape photography to create a narrative in tune with Rossi’s dialectic of urban spaces and architecture.