Résumé : Silicon nitride (SiN) is currently the most prominent CMOS-compatible platform for photonics at wavelengths ANDlt;1AND#x2009;AND#x2009;AND#x03BC;m. However, realizing fast electro-optic (EO) modulators, the key components of any integrated optics platform, remains challenging in SiN. Modulators based on the plasma dispersion effect, as in silicon, are not available. Despite the fact that significant second-harmonic generation has been reported for silicon-rich SiN, no efficient Pockels effect-based modulators have been demonstrated. Here we report the back-end CMOS-compatible atomic layer deposition (ALD) of conventional second-order nonlinear crystals, zinc oxide, and zinc sulfide, on existing SiN waveguide circuits. Using these ALD overlays, we demonstrate EO modulation in ring resonators.