Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The efficacy and tolerance of Voltaren, a new non steroidal antirheumatic drug, were evaluated for the treatment of two different indications frequently encountered in rheumatologic practice: periarthritis scapulo humeralis (P.S.H.) and low back pain. A double blind comparison with indomethacin was used. Both drugs were given at the same daily dose of 2 tablets of 25 mg t.i.d. 90 patients entered the trial: 27 suffered from P.S.H. and 63 from low back pain. The duration of trial treatment varied from 1 to 2 wk for patients with P.S.H. and 2 to 6 wk for patients with low back pain. The rheumatic symptoms decreased in intensity or completely disappeared under the influence of the trial treatment in 70% of the patients. A more detailed analysis of the different criteria used for the evaluation of the therapeutic efficacy shows that better results were obtained with Voltaren than with indomethacin, for patients with P.S.H. as well as for patients with low back pain. The difference was however not statistically significant. Voltaren seems to be a well tolerated drug, especially by the gastro intestinal tract, since the incidence and the severity of side effects remained remarkably low.