par Wiard, Victor ;Domingo, David
Organisme financeur Innoviris
Publication Publié, 2017-04-01
Résumé : Within Work Package 4 and in relation with Work Package 5, this Deliverable(D4.2a) aims at providing a first overview of media workers in Brussels. It aims atproviding a census of media workers and was handled by the ULB component ofthe project (ReSIC - Research centre in information and communication).In order to do so, the report uses a variety of regional, national and internationaldata sources as well as desk research to analyze and compare estimates. Itproposes to sort data using the two models established in D4.1: a sectorial modelbuilding on the four mediated content production sectors identified by WorkPackages 1, 2 and 4 (D1.1a, 2.1 & 4.1) and the three circles model of mediaworkers of Work Package 4 (D4.1) differentiating media employees, mediaprofessionals and media producers. It hopes to provide a valuable first overview ofwho produces mediated content in the region of Brussels, either as a job, a hobbyor in a professional manner.