par Winckelmans, Danièle ;Brunfaut, Maximilienne ;Errera, Maurice Leo
Référence European journal of biochemistry / FEBS, 4, 4, page (423-430)
Publication Publié, 1968
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The short term kinetics of labelling RNA fractions of HeLa cells with [5‐3H]uridine have been studied, as well as the distribution of 32P among their nucleotides after 30 minutes incubation. The fractions were obtained from a methylated bovine albumin serum column after amyl alcohol‐chloroform isolation. Emphasis was given especially to a “DNA‐bound RNA” stable in caesium sulfate and to a “free RNA component”, both eluting with the DNA from the methylated bovine albumin serum column. The results indicate that the “DNA‐bound RNA” is rich in [32P]uridylic plus adenylic acid, whilst the free component is rich in [32P]cytidylic plus guanilic acid; [3H]uridine appears in both these fractions before it can be detected in the other RNA and both become more rapidly saturated with the label. After very short incubation times, the “DNA‐bound RNA” is completely resistant to ribonuclease, but its susceptibility to the enzyme increases progressively at longer incubations. These results are compatible with a possible precursor role of the “DNA‐bound RNA” for mRNA and perhaps for rRNAs and tRNAs as well. Copyright © 1968, Wiley Blackwell. All rights reserved