par Lagrou, Pieter ;Rovetta, Ornella
Référence Defeating Impunity, Promoting International Justice. The Archival Trail, 1914-2014 (9-10 mars 2016: Université Libre de Bruxelles)
Publication Non publié, 2016-03-10
Communication à un colloque
Résumé : The paper aims to offer a reflection on torture accounts in three different judicial contexts, in the aftermath of the two World Wars and after the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda. We will discuss how the crimes of torture were brought before national and international courts through three cases: the Jean-Paul Akayesu trial (1995-1998), the trial of the Geheime Feldpolizei 530 (1950) and the Max Ramdohr trial in Leipzig (1921).Our presentation springs from recent research in post World War I archives and discusses the specificities of the taking into account of torture in a reversed chronological order. This enables us to focus on the words and narratives of the crime through different sets of archives.