• The neural correlates of cognitive objectification: an ERP study on the body-inversion effect associated with sexualized bodies
Auteur:Bernard, Philippe; Rizzo, Tiziana; Hoonhorst, Ingrid; Deliens, Gaétane; Gervais, Sarah; Eberlen, Julia; Bayard, Clémence; Deltenre, Paul; Colin, Cécile; Klein, Olivier
Informations sur la publication:Social Psychological and Personality Science, 9, page (550–559)
Statut de publication:Publié, 2018
Sujet CREF:Neurosciences cognitives
Psychologie sociale
Psychologie cognitive
Mots-clés:objectification, dehumanization, psychophysiology, social neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, body inversion, N170, sexualization, configural and analytic processing