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Résumé : Thirty‐one patients with superior sulcus tumor (Pancoasťs syndrome) treated with radiation between 1967 and 1980 were reviewed. Doses ranged from 2000 to 7000 cGy delivered with a continuous schedule (23 patients) and a split course regimen (8 patients). The overall survival at 5 years was 18% (median, 17 months). Patients without bone erosion or scalene lymph node involvement (13 patients) had the best 5‐year survival rate of 40%. Local control tended to correlate with the total dose and tumor extent; doses below 5000 cGy or bone invasion were associated with a higher rate of local failure. Primary external radiation is not only useful for palliation but can also cure some patients with superior sulcus tumor. Copyright © 1984 American Cancer Society