Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : This study investigates the relationship between the motion of the first ten costovertebral joints (CVJ) and lung volume over the inspiratory capacity (IC) using detailed kinematic analysis in a sample of 12 asymptomatic subjects. Retrospective codified spiral-CT data obtained at total lung capacity (TLC), middle of inspiratory capacity (MIC) and at functional residual capacity (FRC) were analysed. CVJ 3D kinematics were processed using previously-published methods. We tested the influence of the side, CVJ level and lung volume on CVJ kinematics. In addition, the correlations between anthropologic/pulmonary variables and CVJ kinematics were analysed. No linear correlation was found between lung volumes and CVJ kinematics. Major findings concerning 3D kinematics can be summarized as follows: 1) Ranges-of-motion decrease gradually with increasing CVJ level; 2) rib displacements are significantly reduced at lung volumes above the MIC and do not differ between CVJ levels; 3) the axes of rotation of the ribs are similarly oriented for all CVJ levels.