par Lambert, Pierre ;Renaud, Pierre;Szewczyk, Jérôme
Référence Collection Sciences et techniques de l'ingénieur, S7769
Publication Publié, 2016-05-10
Article sans comité de lecture
Résumé : Robotics has now entered many industrial fields. Actuation technologies of robotic systems must therefore be compatible with various needs, which are very challenging in terms of compactness, accuracy, safety, dynamics or compatibility with specific environments. The performances of conventional electromagnetic or hydraulic actuators can then sometimes be insufficient. This article introduces the three most encountered alternate actuation technologies: piezoelectric actuation, shape memory alloy actuation and flexible fluidic actuation. For each of them, the principle is introduced with a review of existing actuators. Modeling and integration considerations are then developed as well as meaningful examples to present the interest of each technology. A comparative study is finally presented.