Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : This data article introduces a data set containing 1459 observations that can enable researchers to examine issues related to and perform statistical investigations into questions of relationships between sources of health care information, data sufficiency, trust levels between patients and healthcare experts (and the advice). The data set also records assessment of Vietnamese patients on whether their choice of health care provider is best available (optimal vs. nonoptimal). The data come from a survey in many hospitals in Hanoi and several neighboring provinces/cities in the North of Vietnam, during the last quarter of 2015. Variables that can be useful for future analysis include sources and availability of information, cost, and amount of time for seeking information. The quality of information and health professionals' credibility are critical factors in helping patients choose a health care provider. Mendeley Data, v1; and can enable the modeling after useful discrete data models such as BCL, with one example being provided in this data article.