Résumé : Spectra of 99% isotopically pure 15NH3 were recorded using cavity ring-down (CRD, 6567-6639 cm-1) and Fourier transform (FT, 6350-6985 cm-1) spectroscopy under jet cooled and room temperature conditions, respectively. Measured line positions on both data sets improve on literature values, in particular by one order of magnitude for the ν1+ν3 band. A room temperature list of line positions, with approximate line intensities, is provided, much more complete and precise than presently available. Line broadening effects in the CRD spectrum allowed lines with J'''- values between 0 and 3 to be identified. Ground state combination differences were used to refine the assignments, further assisted by intensity ratios between the two data sets. Reliable values for J, K and inversion symmetry of the ground state vibrational levels, as well as further information on a/s doublets could be obtained, updating and extending literature assignments.