Résumé : Background: the authors describe a laparoscopic technique for the positioning of stoma adjustable silicone gastric banding (SASGB), which respects the main steps of the open procedure. Methods: (1) patient position: supine with thighs abducted and 30° reverse Trendelenburg; (2) Four 10 mm trocars (supra-umbilical, sub-xiphoid, right upper quadrant, left upper quadrant) and an 18 mm trocar (left subcostal); (3) exposure of the subcardial area; (4) measurement of the pouch; (5) dissection of the lesser and greater curvatures; (6) retrogastric tunnel; (7) introduction and placement of the band; (8) band closure and stoma calibration; (9) retention sutures. Results: results obtained in a first (1992) series of five patients who underwent the laparoscopic application of the regular SASGB and results of a second series (1993-1994) of seven patients in whom the new LAP-ASGB was utilized are reported. Conclusion: this new approach can represent a major achievement in bariatric surgery, as it combines the minimal invasiveness of the laparoscopic approach with the reversibility of SASGB. © 1995, Springer. All rights reserved.