par Ressurreição, João;Bali, Maria Antonietta ;Matos Pinto De Almeida, Celso
Référence Acta médica portuguesa, 28, 5, page (667-670)
Publication Publié, 2015-09
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Auto-immune pancreatitis is an uncommon and underdiagnosed pathology. Its clinical picture is not specific and the diagnosis is therefore difficult. Imaging studies have a crucial role in the diagnostic process and also in the follow-up of treatment. With the objective of emphasizing the importance of imaging in the correct diagnosis of this pathology, the authors report the case of a patient with longterm unspecific abdominal complaints that was diagnosed as auto-immune pancreatitis after laboratorial and imaging investigation. Assuming this diagnosis it was instituted treatment with oral methylprednisolone, which succeeded, with progressive resolution of the clinical, laboratorial and imaging findings.