par Dumont, Jacques Emile ;Opitz, Robert ;Christophe, Daniel ;Vassart, Gilbert ;Roger, Pierre P. ;Maenhaut, Carine
Editeur scientifique De Groot, Leslie J.;Beck-Peccoz, P;Chrousos, G P;Dungan, Kathleen
Référence Ontogeny, Anatomy, Metabolism and Physiology of the Thyroid,, Inc., South Dartmouth (MA)
Publication Publié, 2015-07-15
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Résumé : This chapter presents an analysis and a summarized synthesis of our present knowledge of the biology of the thyroid gland, phylogeny ,ontogeny ,anatomy ,structure ,general metabolism ,regulatory factors and hormones , signalling cascades and their regulations , ( eg TSH ), functions including iodine metabolism and thyroid hormones synthesis , control of gene expression ,differentiation and growth and cell proliferation .Emphasis is ,when possible , put on the human thyroid. The original primary literature,as well as reviews , over the last 50 years are comprehensively and critically analyzed with:600 references . Controversies are presented . For complete coverage of this and related topics, please visit © 2000-2015,, Inc.SectionsABSTRACTPHYLOGENYONTOGENYGROSS ANATOMYTHE FINE STRUCTURE OF THE THYROID CELLSGENERAL METABOLISM OF THE FOLLICULAR THYROID CELLTHYROID REGULATORY FACTORSREGULATORY CASCADESSPECIFIC CONTROL BY IODIDETHE THYROTROPIN RECEPTORCONTROL OF THYROID FUNCTIONCONTROL OF THYROID-SPECIFIC GENE EXPRESSIONCONTROL OF GROWTH AND DIFFERENTIATIONReferences