par Roels, Christine
Référence 5th International Congress on Construction History(2015-06-05: Chicago), 5ICCH Proceedings Volume 3, The Construction History Society of America, Chicago, Vol. 3, Ed. 1
Publication Publié, 2015-06-07
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Résumé : This paper focuses on a case study of a PhD thesis aiming to investigate the historical trends and official discourses on rural architecture in Belgium. It is based on a serie of books on farm buildings published in Belgium between 1847 and 1884. On a methological level, it follows a bibliography made by the French agronomist Louis Bouchard-Huzard in 1870. According to Bouchard, various Belgian architects wrote on farmstead building and were involved in an architextural debate on ways to modernize farmsteads. An example of the innovative thinking spread by the architects books can be found in the idea of the barns feeding corridor. This literature review shows how modern farmsteads buildings became an important part in the architectural reflection of Belgium in the 20ths Century.