par Bigwood, Edouard-Jean
Référence Annals of nutrition & metabolism, 8, 3-4, page (226-234)
Publication Publié, 1966
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The demographic structure uf our populations is gradually hanging. Life expectation at birth has doubled in the course of the last century. The proportion of the economically active population fraction tends to decrease relatively to the 'tmder 15 years' and 'over 65 years' age groups. The problem one is faced witl1 Onsists, therefore, in extending as far as possible the 11pper Urn it of the middle age group, or in other words in retarding senescence. The nutritionist has an important role to play in this matter. Anything that tends to induce a negative rlitrogen and sulphur balance is liable to precipitate the process. There is evidence today to show that the adequate amino acid balance of the human diet changes in function of age and the body requirements in certain amino acids iucceasc substantially, whereas its calorie requirements drop. It is along these lines that food technologists will have to look for the proper adjustments of elderly people's diet. © 1966 S. Karger AG, Basel.