par Lyulin, Oleg;Vander Auwera, Jean ;Campargue, Alain
Référence Journal of quantitative spectroscopy & radiative transfer, 160, page (85-93)
Publication Publié, 2015-07
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : High resolution (0.011cm-1) room temperature (295K) Fourier transform absorption spectra (FTS) of acetylene have been recorded between 7000 and 7500cm-1. Line parameters (positions, intensities and self broadening coefficients) have been measured using a multispectrum treatment of three FTS spectra, recorded at 3.84, 8.04 and 56.6hPa. As a result, a list of 3788 lines was constructed with intensities ranging between about 10-26 and 10-22cm/molecule. Comparison with accurate predictions provided by a global effective operator model (Lyulin OM, Perevalov VI, Teffo JL, Proc. SPIE 2004;5311:134-43) led to the assignment of 2471 of these lines to 12C2H2. The assigned lines belong to 29 12C2H2 bands, 12 of them being newly reported. Spectroscopic parameters of the upper vibrational levels were derived from band-by-band fits of the line positions (typical rms values are on the order of 0.001cm-1). About half of the analyzed bands were found to be affected by rovibrational perturbations. Line parameters obtained in this work were compared with those available for about 350 transitions in the HITRAN 2012 database. The large set of new data will be valuable to refine the parameters of the global effective Hamiltonian and dipole moments of 12C2H2.