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Résumé : Containing contributions for leading international experts this book explores the life-saving treatment of home parenteral nutrition. It covers the complete scenario of home parenteral nutrition, from its prevalence in different continents to clinical indications and the practical aspects of its management. Topics covered inlcude the growing use of HPN, scientific and practical issues associated with HPN in adults and the pediatric population, indications and outcomes in various diseases, complications, nutrient requirements, preparation and administration of the admixtures, monitoring of patients, medical and surgical alternatives, ethics and legislation, and quality of life. Home parenteral nutrition (HPN) is the intravenous administration of nutrients carried out in the patient's home. This book analyses current practices in HPN, with a view to inform best practice, covering epidemiology of HPN in regions including the UK and Europe, USA and Australia, its role in the treatment of clinical conditions including gastrointestinal disorders and cancer, ethical and legal aspects and patient quality of life. © CAB International 2006. All rights reserved.