par Van Houtte, Paul ;Balikdjian, Daniel ;Cantraine, Francis ;Henry, Jacques
Référence Journal de gynécologie obstétrique et biologie de la reproduction, 14, 1, page (111-119)
Publication Publié, 1985
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : 280 Patients were treated at the Bordet Institute between 1963 and 1977 for endometrial carcinoma. 149 patients had radiotherapy alone, 65 patients had radiotherapy before operation and 66 patients after operation. Radiation alone was reserved for those patients whose operative risk was very serious. Five years survival was 49.6% after irradiation alone in Stage I tumors (a 'packing' technique was used to deliver the radiation therapy). 22.7% of these patients died of intercurrent diseases. The majority of the recurrences were in the uterus. This series confirms the prognostic importance of the clinical staging, of the length of the uterine cavity and the degree of differentiation of the tumor. The five year survival rate after postoperative irradiation is 75%, and 84% after preoperative irradiation. Though the association of surgery with irradiation gives better results for those patients who can be operated on, it must be pointed out that radiotherapy alone gives a chance of curing a significant percentage of patients whose surgical risk is in a major category.