Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : To measure waiting time delays of patients and to evaluate if the waiting time before the first physician contact is inversely correlated to the illness severity. During the period of 26/02/2007 through 3/03/2007, we prospectively studied the waiting times before the first contact with a physician (WTP) and the length of stay (LS) in 473 patients (0,8 % of the annual patient volume) evaluated in our emergency department, which has a physician triage model. The WTP was correlated to a severity score " Clinical Classification of Patients in Emergency (CCPE) ". The median WTP was : 48 (22 - 79) min. (minutes) (median, P25, P75). This time was 33 (14 - 47), 16 (3 - 28) and 3 (0 - 3) min. for patients having a CCPE score of 3, 4 and 5. The median LS was 119 (76 - 186) min. In conclusion, the waiting times are comparable to those measured in similar studies. The waiting time evaluated according to CCPE is adequate.