Résumé : Introduction. Cancer and chemotherapy can have adverse effects on cognitive functions and quality of life of patients. We wanted to know the patients' view on these disorders, but also their expectations in terms of assessment and support. Methods and results. A survey was conducted in day care hospital among 551 patients from three cancer centers. Most of the patients were between 40 and 74 years and suffered from breast cancer. Eighty-four percent were treated with chemotherapy. Forty-one percent of patients report memory problems, 26% were affected by specific concentration disorders, and 19% of the attention. On the whole, 52% of patients report at least one of the previous cognitive impairment. Among these patients, 80% evoked that the support of these problems was essential and 70% were willing to participate in "workshops" to deal with these disorders. Conclusion. The cognitive impairment occurrence is a real problem for patients receiving chemotherapy and becomes a priority in the global management of their disease. Studies assessing a specific support of theses symptoms should be encouraged to help patients. © John Libbey Eurotext.