par Prigogine, Ilya ;Philippot, Jean
Référence Physica, 18, 10, page (729-748)
Publication Publié, 1952-10
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : A cell model is applied to liquid helium. The volume of a cell is equal to the mean geometrical volume per molecule. Each cell may accomodate 0,1 or 2 particles. The same model has been previously applied to classical liquids by one of us (I. P.) and P. Janssens and is a generalisation of the well known Lennard-Jones, and Devonshire model of liquids. This model permits to take into account in a rather crude way the fluctuations which occur in a classical liquid in the neighborhood of the critical point. It is shown that due to the zero point energy and the corresponding dilatation of the cells, those fluctuations may occur in liquid He4 long before the critical point. These fluctuations depend strongly on the statistics of the particles. In the case of He4 they give raise to a maximum of the specific heat in the neighborhood of 2°K, in the case of the He3 this effect is smeared out. This model permits to take into account in a rough, but not unreasonable way both the interactions and the statistics of the particles. © 1952.