Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Some time ago we measured the influence of high pressure on the fluorescence quenching of pyrene by p-chlorobenzontrile in several solvents. We then analysed our results according to Kirkwood's model and in terms of the electrostatic interaction between a point dipole and a continuous medium characterized by its dielectric constant. We now wish to report a more satisfactory analysis of these results, based on the use of the SIMPLEX algorithm. This computer optimization yields a dipole value of 4.55 Debye for the excited complex (instead of 9.4 Debye in the previous analysis) and also indicates, surprisingly but unambiguously, that the planar pyrepe molecule and the C2 axis of the p-chlorobenzontrile acceptor are not parallel to each other in the exciplex configuration. © 1988.