par Rutsaert, Jean ;Hubert, J.P.;Abouhatem, R.;Dupont, Michel
Référence Journal d'urologie et de néphrologie, 81, 10-11, page (759-768)
Publication Publié, 1975
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : A Grawitz tumor was discovered in a five year old boy. Nephrectomy was performed. The child died four years later from generalized metastases. The clinical picture consisted mainly of a hematuria; radiographs disclosed a calcified tumor at the lower pole of the right kidney. The diagnosis was substantiated by histopathology; the autposy findings are described. Hypernephroma was thought to be very rare or non existent in childhood; however, 25 years ago, a few observations were made. In 1975, the literature quoted around 90 cases. The different features of Grawitz tumor in children, including clinical and histological aspects, are reviewed.