Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Both as to oil and gas, Europe will ever more have to rely on external supplies. By the year 2020, 79 % of its gas consumption and 90 % of its oil consumption will be imported. In addition, this dependence will be characterised by a concentration of supplies among a limited number of producers, a process which, certainly for the EU, requires a permanent dialogue and a close co-operation with its suppliers. On the level of the European Union the debate on main energy issues to be faced in the future, including a secure supply, has been launched by the Commission in its Green paper. - Towards a European Strategy for the Security of Energy Supply. Within this context, the proposal of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz to set up a permanent secretariat for the International Energy Forum seems most opportune. Indeed, this initiative aims at strengthening the co-operation and the dialogue between producers and consumers of commodities which are essential for the world economic development. Besides the ministers and official representatives from energy-producing and energy-consuming countries, the Secretariat also wants to involve the major energy companies in those meetings, thus benefiting from their technical expertise, more than is the case now, thanks to the introduction of the said permanent dialogue.