par Dorr, Martin ;Joachain, Charles ;Burke, Philip P.G.;Purvis, J.;Noble, Cliff;Terao-Dunseath, Mariko
Référence Journal of Physics. B, Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics, 26, 11, page (L275-L280)
Publication Publié, 1993-06
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Using the recently proposed R-matrix-Floquet theory the authors have analysed the multiphoton ionization of atomic hydrogen from the ground state and the metastable 2s state in an intense, linearly polarized and monochromatic laser field. Results are presented for total ionization rates, branching ratios into photon absorption channels (including ATI, above threshold ionization) and angular distribution, for several frequencies and a range of laser intensities. The authors also discuss the limits of lowest order perturbation theory and they study high-frequency stabilization at high intensities. © 1993 IOP Publishing Ltd.