par Bellemans, André ;Kestemont, Edouard
Référence Physica, 28, 11, page (1088-1092)
Publication Publié, 1962-11
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The approach to equilibrium of an assembly of rotating dipoles on a vibrating lattice has been studied following the lines of the general statistical theory of irreversible processes developed by Prigogine e.a. To simplify we limit ourselves to the case of a two-dimensional system. The long-time behaviour of the Fourier component ρ{variant}{0}{0} of the density in phase space is studied in the weak coupling approximation. Three distinct types of relaxation processes appear: 1. 1)a first one related to interactions between pairs of dipoles; 2. 2)a second one due to the interaction of a phonon with a pair of dipoles; 3. 3)a third one related to interactions between three phonons. The first of these is however unable to bring the system of dipoles to equilibrium; it is in fact the second process which will finally drive the dipoles to equlibrium. © 1957.