par Reske-Nielsen, Edith;Coërs, Christian ;Harmsen, Aage
Référence Journal of the neurological sciences, 10, 4, page (369-384)
Publication Publié, 1970-04
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Neuromuscular biopsies were taken from palmaris longus in 5 healthy young male volunteers. Measurements were made of muscle fibre cross-sectional area, of synaptic area and of the terminal innervation ratio. Marked differences in mean cross-sectional area of the muscle fibres, extending from 2832 to 4854 μ 2 were observed which could not be correlated with either the height and weight of the subject, or with their customary physical activity. Mean values for synaptic area extended from 177.4 to 224.9 μ 2, and there was a proportionality between this figure and the mean cross-sectional area of the muscle fibres. Statistical analysis of the frequency distribution curve for muscle fibre cross-sectional area and synaptic area established that they correspond to a normal or a logarithmic-normal distribution. There is no indication of a heterogeneity of muscle fibres and of end-plate populations, as far as their dimensions are concerned. Collateral branching occurs in 7.3-18.4% of the motor axons and more than one bifurcation along these fibres is exceptional. The pooled terminal innervation ratio of 1.12 1 is very near to the value previously considered to be normal. © 1970.