par Galperin, Hélène
Référence Human genetics, 7, 4, page (265-274)
Publication Publié, 1969-12
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : This study investigates statistically, with computer assistance, the "square distances" between chromosome centromeres in homologous pairs or groups after circularizing transformation. By the method described here, it is possible to eleminate all subjective measurments and just use the coordinates xi and yi of the centromeres. The values obtained for homologous chromosomes are shown to be specific but not always small. Low "square distance" values occur in greater number for the chromosomes that are most frequently involved in aneuploïdies. This is true for acrocentric chromosomes which, moreover, tend to lie close together significantly more often in female than in male mitoses; it is also true for group 17-18 especially in males, and of XX in female mitoses. Furthermore, we find significantly low "square distances" in chromosome pair 1. © 1969 Springer-Verlag.