par S'Jongers, Jean ;Dirix, A.;Jolie, P.;Daniels, S.;Segers, Marie Jeanne M.
Référence Bruxelles médical, 53, 6, page (381-390)
Publication Publié, 1973
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : The authors studied the Wolff Parkinson White (WPW) syndrome in sportsmen. The WPW may be a sign of a more severe cardiovascular risk (tachycardia, tachyarrhythmia and even sudden death). Various types of sport must be avoided in sportsmen showing a WPW syndrome: those performed in hostile surroundings (deep sea diving); sports in which the WPW patient can endanger his own or other people's life (motor races, aviation); sports where every sportsman must follow the rhythm of a crew (rowing); and sports where the muscular activities cannot be quickly interrupted in a crisis to take a rest (light sailing). Young professionals in sport, suffering from the WPW syndrome, must be advised of the possibility of a greater cardiovascular risk, and should know of the difficulties that paroxysmal crises of tachycardia may create in their professional progress. Sportsmen with a WPW syndrome must undergo an exhaustive cardiovascular basal examination and must be examined medically very regularly.