Résumé : Since 1989, the Nursing School attached to the Free University, Brussels, has organized post-basic courses in cancer nursing, with the collaboration of the Belgian Oncology Nursing Society (French speaking) (SIO) and a comprehensive cancer centre, the Jules Bordet Institute. The 1-day-a-week course evolves over 30 weeks and is open to registered nurses. Its structure and its content respect the recommendations of the Core Curriculum for a Post-Basic Course in Cancer Nursing (EONS, 1989). However, there are some differences related to the entry requirements, the clinical experience, and the evaluation of both the course and the students' performance. So far, 72 nurses from different cancer units from the southern part of Belgium have obtained the certificate at the end of this course. In parallel with the 1-day-a-week course, seven modular courses were set up during the first semester of 1992, with the financial support of the 'Europe against Cancer' Programme. Each module tackles a specific theme: Basic Principles in Oncology Nursing; Training the Trainers; Prevention and Early Screening; Rehabilitation--Palliative Care--Psycho-oncology (one short and one long module); Radiotherapy; and Chemotherapy.