par Bauwens, Gérard ;Noblet, Armand ;Sylin, Georges
Référence Journal of physics E. Scientific instruments, 18, 3, page (228-231), 014
Publication Publié, 1985
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Describes a compact accelerator (0.5 m3) built in our laboratory. The ion beam delivered by a pulsed duoplasmatron source carries a maximum average current of 14 mA to the neutron producing target maintained at -140 kV with respect to the grounded ion source. The target and its holder are attached at a special high voltage feedthrough allowing the necessary cooling of the target. The various parameters governing the beam profile have been studied to optimise the geometry of the extracting and accelerating assembly for uniform irradiation of the target area. From the measurements made on this compact accelerator-type neutron generator, using the 2H(d,n) 3He reaction, one can predict a mean intensity of about 5*1011 neutrons per second within 4 pi sr when it will be possible to take advantage of the more efficient 3H(d,n) 4He reaction.