Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Two hundred and forty-seven patients with uterine fibroids were randomized to surgery alone or 3 months' Zoladex® (Zeneca, Macclesfield, Ches., UK) followed by surgery. Zoladex significantly reduced uterine and fibroid volumes (p = 0.0001). There was a significantly (p = 0.002) greater mean rise in haemoglobin from entry to preoperation in the Zoladex group (1 g/dl) compared with the surgery-alone group (0.3 g/dl) as well as a tendency towards easier surgery, and reduced operative blood loss. Zoladex-treated patients had a significantly (p = 0.016) shorter hospital stay and pelvic pain and abdominal pressure symptoms were significantly (p < 0.001) reduced in this group. Zoladex was well tolerated.