par Hildebrand, Jerzy ;Coërs, Christian
Référence European journal of cancer, 1, 1, page (51-54,IN7-IN10,55-58)
Publication Publié, 1965-06
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : 1. 1. Six cases of vincristine-induced polynevritis are reported. The clinical picture is described in relationship to the dosage and length of treatment. 2. 2. The rate of nervous conduction in the motor fibres may diminish after a delay and not necessarily in all cases. 3. 3. The histological alterations of the nerves and muscles are limited to a classical fascicular atrophy with an excessive variation in the size of the motor plates. There was no regeneration of collateral axones in the cases which were biopsied early in the course of treatment. 4. 4. The clinical, physiological and morphological data underline the acute and serious aspects of the damage incurred by the peripheral nerves. © 1965.