Résumé : Hint2, one of the five members of the superfamily of the histidine triad AMP-lysine hydrolase proteins, is expressed in mitochondria of various cell types. In human adrenocarcinoma cells, Hint2 modulates Ca2+ handling by mitochondria. As Hint2 is highly expressed in hepatocytes, we investigated if this protein affects Ca2+ dynamics in this cell type. We found that in hepatocytes isolated from Hint2-/- mice, the frequency of Ca 2+ oscillations induced by 1 μM noradrenaline was 150% higher than in the wild-type. Using spectrophotometry, we analyzed the rates of Ca 2+ pumping in suspensions of mitochondria prepared from hepatocytes of either wild-type or Hint2-/- mice; we found that Hint2 accelerates Ca2+ pumping into mitochondria. We then resorted to computational modeling to elucidate the possible molecular target of Hint2 that could explain both observations. On the basis of a detailed model for mitochondrial metabolism proposed in another study, we identified the respiratory chain as the most probable target of Hint2. We then used the model to predict that the absence of Hint2 leads to a premature opening of the mitochondrial permeability transition pore in response to repetitive additions of Ca2+ in suspensions of mitochondria. This prediction was then confirmed experimentally. © 2013 Biophysical Society.