par Long, Nguyen Thanh;Uwase, Marie-Paule ;Tiberghien, Jacques ;Steenhaut, Kris
Référence International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Communications, page (44-49), 6698074
Publication Publié, 2013-10-16
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : In Low power and Lossy Networks (LNNs), routing has been considered as a main design and development challenge. This has led to the open design of the IPv6 routing protocol for LLNs called RPL. The protocol allows creating groups (instances) of multiple loop-free routing topologies over a physical network. The purpose of forming an optimized tree routing topology is to drive packets from the nodes to the collection point or sink which is the root of the tree. In this paper, we take advantage of extracted routing information to support high performance transmission of priority packets by proposing a QoS-aware cross-layer mechanism. The mechanism is explained and its performance is evaluated through simulation experiments. Simulation results show that the proposed mechanism provides high Packet Reception Ratio with low Packet Delivery Latency for priority traffic. © 2013 IEEE.