par Messaaoui, Anissa ;Dorchy, Harry
Référence Revue médicale de Bruxelles, 31, 2 Suppl, page (S77-80)
Publication Publié, 2010
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : Despite the fact that height in diabetic children has extensively been studied, many controversies remain. The aim of this study is to review growth in type 1 diabetes. Height at diagnosis is probably not increased compared with appropriate reference data. Later loss of height is observed due to a reduced peak height velocity during puberty. The poor pubertal growth can be linked to abnormalities of the growth hormone--insulinlike growth factor-I axis. It has also been showed that good metabolic control is necessary to allow normal growth in diabetic children. Metabolic control and the age at onset of type 1 diabetes are reported to be significant factors influencing final height. Careful monitoring of height and weight in diabetic patients must be made and good glycemic control has to be maintained to allow normal growth and development in diabetic patients.