par Demeurisse, Guy ;Verhas, Michel ;Capon, André
Référence Stroke, 22, 8, page (1015-1020)
Publication Publié, 1991
Article révisé par les pairs
Résumé : We studied the effect of deep-seated left hemispheric lesions on cortical blood flow in 18 right-handed aphasic stroke patients. Regional cerebral blood flow was measured at rest and during the performance of a functional naming test using the two-dimensional xenon-133 inhalation method. Compared with 10 controls, at rest the patients showed regional cortical hypoperfusion in the left frontoparietal region. In the controls, activation patterns from the rest to the test condition involved mainly the left hemisphere areas. In the patients, a lack of blood flow change was observed in several areas that were usually hypoperfused at rest. However, in patients with slight verbal expression disorders there were obvious blood flow increases in other brain regions in both hemispheres. Such cortical functional reorganization and the presence of a remote cortical dysfunction could play a role in the pathophysiology of language disorders.