par Nicotra, Marco ;Naldi, Roberto;Garone, Emanuele
Référence (Cape Town, South Africa), IFAC World Congress, page (3190-3195)
Publication Publié, 2014
Publication dans des actes
Résumé : This paper focuses on the design of a stabilizing control law for an aerial vehicle which is physically connected to a ground station by means of a tether cable. When the cable is taut, the resulting dynamic model is shown to be characterized by a new set of equilibria which untethered aircraft are unable to maintain in steady state. The control objective is to steer the UAV to a desired set-point while maintaining the cable taut at all times. This leads to a nonlinear control problem subject to constraints. A cascade control scheme is proposed and proven to asymptotically stabilize the overall system by means of ISS arguments. Constraint satisfaction is guaranteed using a modified thrust vector control coupled with a reference governor strategy. The effectiveness of the proposed control strategy is shown via numerical simulations.